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Registered investment advisor based in Northern Virginia formed in 2012 to offer Active Risk-Based investing (ARBi)®, a proprietary investment process for investors to access liquidity-driven returns on large baskets of stocks.  Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training for the Firm or and its Registered Advisors (RA).  Please review our Form ADV Brochure.

ProForza is organized as a sub-adviser can provide its product set into your separately managed account, limited partnership, 40 Act Fund (mutual or exchange traded) and has done so since 2012 with assets under advisement in the multi-millions and live trade volume in the billions per year.

Sunil K Pai, CFA
Founder, President and Managing Director
Dr Xi Shao
Co-Founder, Director of Quantitative Research

Mr. Pai has over 20 years of progressively senior roles in investment management, corporate development, financial analysis and auditing at major financial institutions in both banking and consumer finance.  He came to the firm to spearhead its introduction of the ARBi product line, a unique algorithmic methodology for investing in stocks, futures, commodities and high dividend yielding stocks. 


Mr. Pai is a past Director of Corporate Development and Mergers and Acquisitions for Capital One Financial Corporation and managed many large scale corporate initiatives and banking and consumer finance acquisitions.  


As an Assistant Vice President, Bank One Capital Corporation (now JPM Chase), he co-managed front, middle and back office management and monitoring of a $2 Billion portfolio consisting of investments in hedge funds, interest rate futures trading, collateralized debt obligations, commercial mortgage-backed securities, high yield corporate debt, and asset backed securities. Mr. Pai helped spearhead the quantitative analysis of these portfolios, securing funding, risk management and hedging parameters and capital requirements. Annual portfolio percentage earnings were double digit and survived Asian Contagion and LTCM debacles. 


Mr. Pai also served as Director for a publicly traded company and was Chairman of its Audit Committee. He has earned the right to hold a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter and passed the uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA)* examination and featured in various media including Securities Industry News, Investors Business Daily, Institutional Investor, Bloomberg Radio, HFMWeek, Emerging Manager Monthly and a panelist on "Battle of the Quants".   He is married with two children. CRD# 5509293

* Not currently licensed to practice in Virginia

Received his PhD degree in Astronomy (Major: Space Plasma Physics) in 2001 and M.S. degree (Major: Microelectronics) in Electrical Engineering in 2004, both from University of Maryland, College Park. 


Dr. Shao has authored/co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is experienced in computational modeling and received a Research Associate Fellowship from the National Research Council, 2002-2005, and worked at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), NASA.  Dr. Shao worked on space (satellite) environment analysis and modeling, web-based data query system development, RF wireless transceiver and sensor network design.  


He has extensive experience in developing numerical Partial–Differential-Equation (PDE) solvers. He developed and maintained the Magnetospheric State Query System (MSQS), currently being used by the space science community through web services hosted at the Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF). He is currently extending his experience to algorithm and software development in financial modeling where he is central to development of the proprietary artificial intelligence investment algorithms underlying the ForzaTek product line.


Publications include – 


Shao, X.; Sitnov, M. I.; Sharma, S. A.; Papadopoulos, K.; Goodrich, C. C.; Guzdar, P. N.; Milikh, G. M.; Wiltberger, M. J.; and Lyon, J. G., Phase transition-like behavior of magnetospheric substorms: Global MHD simulation results, J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 108 No. A1, 10.1029/2001JA009237, Jan., 2003.


Fung, Shing F. and X. Shao, Specification of Multi-Magnetospheric Responses to Variable Solar Wind and IMF input, in press, Annales Geophysicae, 2008. 

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