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ProForza products focus on providing unbiased, index-like diversification on individual stocks and exchange traded products.  By using a systematic, mathematical process for enhanced rebalancing, ARBi based products portfolios can be organized to provide investors both long-only and long/short equity exposure across any generalized size, style, sector or thematic category.   They serve as a portfolio enhancement tool for individual and institutional investors to better diversify their portfolio with a distinct alternative flavor. 

Limited Partnership

All products offered by ProForza are available on a sub-advised based into limited partnerships (aka "hedge funds") but we do not currently offer direct investment into a limited partnership. 

Managed Account

All products are available for direct investment into a managed account at various clearing houses and custodians.  Institution allocators have the option to have our products available to their existing custodians like Schwab, Fidelity,  and TD Ameritrade via our affiliation with other registered investment advisors.  Or, with our custodian, Interactive Brokers with account minimum of $100,000, online account opening available upon request



ProForza products are available via sub-advisory directly into your mutual fund, limited partnership, separately managed account, and exchange traded structures.  Our automated trading systems are tied via API connections directly to your execution and clearing account.   Terms and conditions vary based on each request.   Contact us for more information or a short introductory call.



ProForza products are available for suitability analysis on vaious fintech toolsets that can help the institutional and retail client determine the right portfolio mix to meet their needs.  Their tools all demonstrate the significant improvement in performance that can be attained by including ARBi products in your existing portfolio allocation.  We can help you understand more about your investment interests and help you make the right choices using these tools or your own, contact us to learn more.   

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