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2019: Kicking It Off with Innovation

Happy New Year and with 2018 now behind us, we look forward to driving several highly specialized products that no one else may be talking to you about.

  • Leveraged annuities

  • Structuring alternatives into qualified retirement vehicles

  • Future tax reduction via Roth IRA conversions now

None of these is a point and click answer, as some toolsets suggest. They have to be thoroughly vetted and custom to each investor. If your current advisor has not mentioned them, contact us.

There's more-- we blogged back in December 2017 an analytical article related to a big debate at Advisor Perspective on an AQR alternative product (symbol QSPIX). The fact that the specific AQR product did not deliver on the premises debated is not the point as the fact that our analysis of its future prospects at the time was largely based on its return distribution characteristics. That said, we think there is more to be gained in terms of how we arrived at the conclusion and will extend that into our investment decisioning process. Stay tuned.

While no one took us up on the Dragon Flag challenge from last month's newsletter, we hope that you do focus on some of the other health tips. The Challenge and the gift still stand though - send in a pic or video and get a great gift/prize back.

Stay healthy and prosperous in the New Year!

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