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Come On "EBI" Respondents : Stop the Delusion

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

InvestAWR scores an easy 5+ on its Evidence Based Investing (EBI) based on this article:

Note though that most of the article respondents don't actually deliver on any promise of better investment performance results based on their "10 words or less explanation of how THEY think about EBI!" How ironic. Let's see if another more obvious question gets asked, like in ten words or less, "How did your performance get impacted by your conception of EBI?"

Here is our 10 word response on EBI (of course, no one asked) and what it means to us:

Stop deluding yourself, Efficient Market Hypothesis and price are EBI.

Everything touched by investAWR is EBI oriented at its core, which means that it exists in a natural state alongside EMH rather than the majority of active managers who feel a need to justify doing battle with it. For such active managers, does not matter what they think EBI means because it simply won't work and, hence, the delusion.

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