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Happy Healthy Holidays From ProForza

On the dawn of a new year, we wish all a very happy holiday season and New Year. Stay healthy, get fit, and eat well.

We tend to focus mostly on financial fitness but we also have strong feelings that physical and mental fitness run in a coordinated fashion with that of financial. One can be lot more content when both are aligned.

There are many sources of information on the topic of personal fitness but recently NPR ran an article that speaks to what happens when you maintain a high level of fitness throughout your life. Bottomline, you have the secret to looking like you are in your 30s! Take a listen, very interesting and, perhaps is the much sought after fountain of youth.

Here are some of our best attempts at keeping physically fit:

1) Get an adjustable work desk and stand for hours on end; sitting is the new "smoking"

2) Emphasize more intensity in your fitness rather than time; meaning, push your body harder for a little time rather than spend lots of time doing one thing; try this form of fitness training

3) Look to fail more often - the body gets better/stronger by weakening to the point of failure - yes, your ego may suffer but your mental and physical state will improve massively

4) Proper diet for us older folks is really important as the metabolism and hormonal changes impact everyone, but generally cut out bad carbs (like rice, bread), emphasize quality proteins, vegetables and fruits and cut down portions, e.g. reduce caloric intake!

5) Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be properly maintained; focus on functional exercises rather than machine-oriented; most folks don't realize that machine weight lifting can reduce or eliminate the need for those stabilizer muscles to maintain themselves; so focus on compound, functional exercises, like calisthenics so that those shoulders, back, hips, knees all continue to operate properly!

6) Set a goal, stay disciplined to a plan to hit that goal, and be patient

So, there you have it and if you think the above is just words, check this out! Anyone who can pull this simple Dragon Flag move off, please send us a pic or video. and we will send you a gift.

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