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Two More Ways to Make this a Great Year

On the heels of last month's new product intros, we launched two more new products that also came out of new institutional client interest and what they want.

One is related to taking 19 QQQ (Nasdaq 100) holdings and combining it with 11 fixed income ETFs that either long/short or long-only represents a superb blend of equity and debt risk using our superb ARBi process to parse that risk out on a daily basis. We believe this will ultimately be a top flagship offering of the Firm that wants it. This one goes under the moniker of ARBiQQQh.

Product number two is comprised of 11 fixed income ETFs on a long-short basis with daily risk assessment that also has superb risk/return characteristics relative to fixed income related benchmarks. It goes under our moniker of ARBiFINh.

Both products delivered seamlessly into a client's managed account, either qualified or non-qualified setting, and save for the tax consequences (for non-qualified accounts), is of great benefit to them over simply buying into the ETFs that are being thrown around wanton by the big issuers.

This is where we believe the next bastion of investment management needs to go is to make investing more customizable and flexible to meet the needs of the individual investor rather than throwing products out into the exchange traded space and hoping someone will buy into them.

Hope you are having a great summer!

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